Contagious publishes PS21's
latest work for Tanqueray

05 September, 2018

Contagious magazine has included our Tanqueray campaign in its latest issue. The magezine, a reference in advertising and based in London, echoes the research for the ‘special color of Seville’ through a data study.

The creative challenge was launched last January and consisted of emotionally connecting a typically English gin brand with a city as Spanish as Seville; so a research was conducted to find the predominant tone of the city. Google Street View was the basis of the study.

First, the busiest areas of the Andalusian capital were defined by heat maps. Once defined, an algorithm was developed that captured up to 10,000 images of more than 1,000 streets and more than 30 historic sites, from which a palette of 600,000 chromatic tones was extracted. Finally, the algorithm determined the hexadecimal value of the city’s average color, which turned out to be Orange # FFAB60 composed of 255 red, 171 green and 96 blue according to the RGB system. And that’s how the special color of Seville was discovered.

Even Pantone has recognized the special color of Seville. The company from New Jersey has issued a statement officially certifying the color tone # FFAB60 as the color of the Andalusian capital. It is the first time that Pantone recognizes the tonality of a city.