KFC X-Rays: An innovative way to probe quality.

A Brand Platforms project to demonstrate the authenticity of a product by breaking the visual codes








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People cared about food quality and authenticity more and more, and even more in the QSR sector. KFC needed to find a quick and simple way of demonstrating its product’s authenticity.


We started with a deep analysis of people’s main worries regarding food quality. We collected the current obstacles in the sector and studied the different types of communication, both generic and the ones regarding product authenticity.


As a conclusion, we identified two key insights:
1. “Fast food chicken is not chicken but rushed chicken pasta”. Other competitors’ chicken hamburgers and nuggets have generated negative ideas that directly affects our product.

2. “All pictures from the adds are modified. They are not real”. People know the visual codes in ads and assume that what they see is fake.

What we did

Taking into account those insights, the conclusion was that one of the most effective paths to communicate quality and authenticity was proving it scientifically.

We contacted specialists so that they could take radiographs of the different parts of KGF fried chicken. We documented the process and we turned these diagnostic tests into communication pieces.


Not only we found a different and unconventional way of communication regarding sector’s communication codes, but also a strategic roadmap that takes science as the basis. That will allow KFC keep underpinning its quality and authenticity and will connect emotionally and rationally with people. KFC is relevant now and makes a clear difference from the rest of its competitors.