We brought back KFC
to the collective imaginary.

A Brand Platform project that has transformed a forgotten brand into a Love Brand.








Trends Research
Brand Strategy
Comms planning
PR Amplification
Product Design


The KFC’s main challenge was to be trendy again. Increasing its visibility was essential to be relevant in a very saturated market where other brands have higher communication budgets and more restaurants


The creation of the new KFC strategic platform goes from a previous and exhaustive analysis to get to know very well the brand idiosyncrasy in Spain, the target’s particularities, its behaviour towards other sector brands and its relationship with the category. We also analysed the tendencies pf the fast food market and consumption habits.

After a couple of work sessions with KFC’s team where basic strategic lines and new communication territories were defined, we created a new concept, tone and a territory that went beyond the conventional communication channels.


There was a cultural reality: in Spain, when something is really good, it is said twice. That is the reason why KFC doesn’t have “pollo” but “Pollo Pollo”. This concept was translated into a new claim: “Pollo Pollo is made in Kentucky”

What we did

We developed the communication platform with music as a distinctive element and a factor capable of appearing in different kinds of media: brand and product spots, outdoor campaign, communication on POS and performance campaign. We redefined the social and content strategy to channel and increase the interaction with our communities.

Thus, we developed a presence plan in events through influencers and collaborating with creators that developed their own musical versions of the #PolloPollo hit. We activated new conversations such as the letters KFC in license plates, or the design of an innovative product like Polo Polo, a polo made with an intelligence stain resistance material.


The distinctive tone has allowed us to stand out and connect with the target. Moreover, being able to channel all the impact in social media has set the basis to transform KFC in a Love Brand.

The campaign achieved the highest visibility levels for the brand since 2010, record levels of interaction and engagement that organically made the community grow in media. Finally, the most important: during the campaign period the sales increased by 3,2%.