Transforming laundry service into a connected service.

Un proyecto de business y experience design que reinventa un modelo de negocio tradicional para dar respuesta a las necesidades de los nuevos estilos de vida urbanos.






Lanundry SErvices


Business consulting
Brand design
Retail & Experience Design


With a broad experience in the traditional laundry model, a family of entrepreneurs faced the challenge of modernising their business model. They came to us to design a company with a consumer experience capable to connect with the most demanding audience.


Our work started with a deep research: trends, best practices, new business models, on-demand services. After a couple of workshops with TeleLavo’s team we created the brand strategic pillars and we mapped the consumer’s journey identifying the touchpoints to design a global experience in the physical and digital environment.


We designed all the assets of the new brand, from the visual identity to the comms plan, the space and the retail experience, as well as each interaction across the customer journey, from the clothes collection bags to the digital experience design. A new way of understanding the care of clothing, with an ecological approach, connected and with a premium experience that defines a new standard in the sector.


In May of 2018, this collaborative process took shape in the opening of the first Teletavo’s artesanal laundry workshop in Atocha street. The first laundry delivery service at a flat rate.


Telelavo is a great example of a consistent brand experience in every touchpoint, from the physical space to the digital experience. Currently, Telelavo has caught the interest of consumers, press and franchises. Telelavo is in a process of national expansion and has opened 6 establishments in less than 6 months