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KFC X-Rays:
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Our Partners.

For three years we have been designing experiences to help the English Gin to connect with Spanish culture and society.

PS21 and DIAGEO have partnered for over three years to scale Tanqueray’s business and help the brand to engage with society.

From this relationship has born several projects as the restoration of the Teatro Infanta Isabel, a flamenco stage in Barceló market or a Big Data Research that helped us to find the special colour of Sevilla, a colour certified by Pantone. Projects and experiences that have generated headlines & won awards.

Working with this early stage start-up, we have helped them to change the way clothes are washed & cared.

A group of entrepreneurs with a great idea to us to make it real: transform the classic laundry service into a new business model that will be known as Laundry as a Service.

In a few months, Telelavo has become a successful business that offers a personalized and a digital-first laundry service. This is the perfect joint-venture where we co-designed the business model, retail experience and customer journey.

We helped KFC to be culturally relevant designing its repositioning to become a QSR referent in Spain.

The challenge of the company was clear: the fried chicken was not in people’s popular imaginary. “Pollopollo” was the starting point of the renaissance of KFC in Spain, a platform that puts the chicken back on the table and into people’s mindset.

After a first stage, we helped them developing creative stunts with campaigns such as PoloPolo or X-Rays. Nowadays no one doubts that the real finger-lickin’ good fried chicken is from Kentucky.

Reebok trusts in PS21 to transform its brand space into a creative hub that connects the brand with media, creators, influencers and, above all, people & society.

Mind, body and society. The key element of one brand whose mantra is “Be more human”. Reebok and PS21 have transformed a simple showroom into a hub where ideas flow helping people to progress mentally, physically and socially.

More impact, less effort. Hand by hand with the PR team we redesigned the relationship with Reebok’s stakeholders and audiences. Thus, we transformed the space into a Human Lab, a place of creation, a museum of sneakers, a tribute to the 90s, a canvas to discover and tell media that there is a kind of training beyond CrossFit.

We helped Just Eat to bring home delivery food in society’s radar at the same time we positioned them as business leaders.

90% of food orders were made by phone. Then, Just Eat trusted in PS21 to establish itself as the premier choice.

In 2017 we designed the strategic repositioning of Just Eat with “Pide lo que te pide el cuerpo”, the brand platform that guides all their creative and strategic initiatives.