Pantone certifies # FFAB60
as the special color of Seville

06 September, 2018

Pantone certifies that ‘Sevilla has a Special Color’. The company from New Jersey has issued a statement certifying the colour tone # FFAB60 as the colour of the Andalusian capital. The research for that color was a dommo project for the launch of the new gin called ‘Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla’. The creative challenge was to emotionally connect a typically English gin brand with a city as Spanish as Seville; so a Big Data study was conducted to reveal the predominant tone and give it to the city.

Google Street View was the basis of the study. First, the busiest areas of the Andalusian capital were defined by heat maps. Once defined, an algorithm was developed that captured up to 10,000 images of more than 1,000 streets and more than 30 historic sites, from which a palette of up to 600,000 chromatic tones was extracted. And, finally, the algorithm determined the hexadecimal value of the city’s average color, which turned out to be Orange # FFAB60 composed of 255 red, 171 green and 96 blue according to the RGB system. And that’s how the special color of Seville was discovered.

The product is an elaborate gin based on oranges and orange blossom from Seville – balanced with the four basic botanicals of Tanqueray London Dry, baptized as ‘Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla’. The result: citrus and refreshing flavor. The new proposal was presented during the Feria de Sevilla by the hand of Los del Río, the protagonists of the campaign that, finally, included that special color of Seville rewriting the lyrics of its great record success of the year 1992.

It is the first time in its 180-year history that Tanqueray was inspired by a city to create a gin and even the City Council joined the launch with the lighting of the most emblematic buildings. The color # FFAB60 is a legacy that will remain forever in the Andalusian capital.