PS21, the first Creative Transformation Consultancy

08 October, 2018

The creative consultancy PS21 breaks into the business sector with the challenge of transforming companies with a integration of creativity in the entire value chain . PS21 connects business knowledge with creative DNA to help companies have an impact on society through strategy, technology and data . The value is to apply the creativity and the knowledge of the society, and join it to a business mindset to elaborate quantifiable strategies and measurable results .

‘Creativity must be at the centre of business. Our purpose is to add a creative in every company board of our clients . Creativity should be in the business decisions, helping companies grow exponentially ‘, according to Agustín Vivancos, founder and CEO of PS21. The company thus invests the process of consultancies that in recent times have absorbed creative agencies to close the circle of execution. The difference between PS21 and traditional consultancies is that PS21 comes from the creativity and knowledge of society.

The business areas are Business Design, Experience Design, Brand Platforms and Brand Publishing . In addition , PS21 incorporates the first Voice Lab (a strategic alliance with the technology company Sngular) to help brands have their own ‘voice’ in the wave that comes from Google Home, Alexa, Siri and other personal assistants. Leading companies such as dommo (creative agency), NOW / Unit (strategy and trends consultant) and Randm (audiovisual production and experiences) have been integrated into PS21.

The company has born with a seventy professionals staff and a solid network of clients, including KFC, Just Eat, Alfa Romeo, Tanqueray, Sunny Delight, La Casera, Fotocasa, Lolamarket or Reebok and Adidas.

The management team is formed by Agustín Vivancos (Founder & CEO), Beatriz Arce (Head of Business Development), Pablo Barrionuevo (Creative Transformation Partner), Víctor Blanco (Executive Creative Director), Sergio García (Strategy Director), Carlos Abella ( Associate Client Director); Myriam López, Daya Muñoz, and Elena García as creative directors, Jacobo Pérez (Creative Technology Director), Lucas de la Rua (Executive Producer).