People empowered
by Systems.

We transform business through design.

We take business seriously.

We transform businesses by connecting them with society through creativity, data and technology.
It is time to place creativity where it has more impact, and enhance it through methods, systems and processes. We start from the business to make the business grow.

Our Vision.

is not enough.

Brands are no longer just created only through advertising. Due to technology’s disruption and society and the market’s evolution, brands are created through a mix of the consumer’s experiences. Creativity must be in the centre of business; creativity is the key and the driving force.

Culture is
the new speed

Companies that want to be culturally relevant must first connect with society. For that purpose, they need to move at the same speed of culture. Thanks to social listening, our Trends21 studio and the intelligence team, we help our partners enter the conversations and times of their audience.

Society needs

Society needs business to make progress, to have new ways of travelling, communicating, ordering food, moving or even reproducing. Companies that invest in R&D, talent, innovation, technology, logistics, or circular economy are the engine of the present and the future.

is sexy.

Make business grow. Create new distribution channels. Revenue streams. Business models. Transform experience. Improve the ROI. And change the way of people’s living. That is what new business is about; a business where creativity learns to speak business language.

Innovators, designers, entrepreneurs, storytellers. People that want to transform business through design.


Founder & CEO.
Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience launching brands, developing new products, and working on operations and strategy. He started his professional career at P&G. He has founded 6 companies, from e-commerce to fashion or creativity. He is currently studying an OMP of the Harvard Business School. He has also gone through the LBS and has the AMP of IESE. Member of the board of directors of the AEAP and YPO. Founding member of the Matador Club. Investor. Optimist, father, husband, food lover and curious.


Group Account Director.
Como Group Account Director en PS21 es responsable del crecimiento de los clientes, creando relaciones basadas en el conocimiento y la profundidad de su negocio. Desempeña un papel imprescindible para garantizar que se implementen las metodologías de trabajo para que los clientes logren sus objetivos de negocio. Durante su carrera profesional Carlos trabajó para Movistar, Openbank, Multiópticas y más recientemente para FCA, Evo, Lidl, El Mundo y Marca.


Creative Technology Director.
Tecnocreative. Jacobo has extensive international experience working both in client, agency and start-up in EMEA, LATAM and USA. He has also been ateacher, mentor and speaker in schools and forums such as Cannes Young Lions, CParty, Digital Invaders or YPO. As Creative Technology Director at PS21, he works to build the bridge between creativity, business, technology and foresight.


Strategy Director.
After starting in marketing, Sergio has developed his career in creative agencies, trends & innovation consultancies. He co-founded the Randm, a production company that worked with brands such as Google, Diageo, Just Eat or KFC. After completing his training at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, he leads the PS21 strategy team, where he ensures the impact of creativity in the companies' business.


Communications & PR Manager.
Her father forced him to see the film 'All the men of the president' in the nineties and that year she disguised himself as Bob Woodward. She has not discovered any Watergate but communication and journalistic rigour. She has written in La Voz de Galicia, El País or El Periódico de Cataluña and developed cultural projects for Mad Cool or Madrid City Council. Her obsession: communicate and connect culture-society.


Creative Transformation Partner.
Bachelor's degree in Complutense University, Pablo completed his studies of creativity at Saint Martins, and at the Berlin School of Creativity. Creative director for 5 years in dommo, Co founder and partner in the Randm production company and currently he is creative partner at PS21.
Specialist in New Business. "Creativity is the only tool capable of connecting companies with society."


Executive Creative Director.
Víctor is responsible for transferring the vision of PS21 to each one of the projects. His role is to maintain the level of creativity capable of transforming brands and making them grow in connection with society. After going through different types of agencies, she has worked for brands from different sectors developing projects of all kinds, from communication and brand building, to the design of products and services.


Senior Experience Producer.
In charge of connecting brands with culture. His career began as responsible, for more than 4 years, of the PR activations and events of Levi Strauss & co. He has also worked in magazines such as V Magazine or Sicky until his landing in the agency world creating brand experiences for clients such as H & M, Ruinart, Tanqueray, Moisés Nieto or Reebok ... Socially restless profile in constant search of new features.


Head of Business Development.
Responsible of clients and new business. He leads the client services & business team of the company, in the areas of social media, PR, C&E and Studio. Her mission is to train and grow teams to be A Performance with a single goal: to add value and contribute to the growth of their clients' businesses. Passionate about creativity and business. She takes business seriously.


Culture & Talent Director.
Strategy at the service of people and people in the centre has defined the career of Alba Burillo, Culture & Talent Director. Alba is responsible for leading all areas related to the team with the aim of creating a culture of TOP Performers through different lines and strategies. During his career, he has focused on digital marketing consulting leading and managing 5 multidisciplinary offices and teams.

de la Rúa.

Executive Producer.
He started working as a business consultant specialized in M ​& A. After advising Iñigo Argomaniz selling musical promoter Get In, he changed his trade and focused on audiovisual production with companies in London, Los Angeles and Bogotá. Ten years later, he returned to his native Madrid, specialized in advertising cinema and now performs the executive production of multi-format contents with the aim of turning brands into publishers.

María Dávila.

Accounting Manager.

Agustín Vivancos – Lead

Pablo Barrionuevo.

Creative Transformation Partner.

Beatriz Arce.

Head of Business Development.

Víctor Blanco.

Executive Creative Director.

Sergio García.

Strategy Director.

Carlos Abella.

Group Account Director.

Jacobo Pérez.

Creative Technology Director.

Alba Burillo.

Culture & Talent Director.

Daniel Ramos.

Senior Experience Producer.

Rebeca Queimaliños.

Communications & PR Manager.

Bernardo Moleon.

Senior Digital Strategist.

Lara Martínez.

Associate Account Director.

Sergio Hernández.

Associate Account Director.

Nacho Perez Solero.

Account Manager Senior.

Javier Mirones.

Project Manager.

Marina Payeras.

Associate Project Manager.

Carla de Alfonso.

Associate Project Manager.

Elena García.

Creative Director.

Yerai Gómez.

Associate Creative Director.

Rubén Sánchez.

Associate Creative Director.

Marcos Martínez.

Associate Creative Director.

Xema Cabanes.


Ana Moreno.


Ana Lahera.


Alejandra Iglesias.

Business Development Manager.

Yajaira Polanco.

Executive Assistant.

Michel de Larroque.

Associate Producer.

Carla Alonso.

Associate Strategist.

Daniel Hernández.

Inside Sales.

Alexandre Sequeiros.


Adam Kawka.

Associate Video Editor.

Our space.

No workspaces, cellars, doors or hierarchies. A space conceived to light the spark of creativity and cooperation. A flexible, practical and interactive environment. The canvas that represents our culture.